acıbadem kurabiyesi

n. macaroon, marchpane, marzipan
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Turkish-English dictionary. 2013.

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  • Acıbadem kurabiyesi — Acıbadem kurabiyesi. La acıbadem kurabiyesi (en turco ‘galleta de almendra amarga’) es una galleta tradicional turca hecha de almendra, azúcar y clara de huevo. Las recetas tradicionales incluyen una pequeña cantidad de almendra amarga, lo que da …   Wikipedia Español

  • Acıbadem kurabiyesi — ( tr. acıbadem kurabiyesi, bitter almond cookie ) is a traditional Turkish cookie made of almonds, sugar and egg whites. The traditional recipes include a small amount of bitter almonds, which gives this cookie its name. Because bitter almonds… …   Wikipedia

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